How to Keep the Buyer Engaged Virtually


The new normal is here to stay – the most successful companies see an increase in productivity by switching from face-to-face, over to virtual meetings. With virtual meetings, a Sales Rep can have more meetings per week, and some companies have reported closing a higher percentage overall. 


In this Webinar will give you tips and tricks on how to gain the buyer’s attention, as well as how to keep the buyer engaged virtually. Sales Trainer and Mental Coach Ulrich Søgård, and Sara Leander-Pehrson, CEO at Prezentor, will show examples of how you can use presentations to aid the customer dialogue and keep the potential client engaged in your virtual sales meeting.

Ulrich Søgård

Sales Trainer & Mental Coach, Ulrichsoegaard.dk

Ulrich Søgård has 25 years experience as a mental- and performance coach, growth and leadership advisor, sales and business developer. He focuses solely on authentic sales, where he only offer solutions that make a decisive and lasting difference for the customer – so we go from sale to purchase.

Sara Leander-Pehrson

CEO, Prezentor

Sara Leander-Pehrson is the CEO of Prezentor, a sales enablement platform that optimizes customer dialogue and atomizes CRM entry, She has a background as a management consultant and worked in Luxembourg, Toronto and The Netherlands. Born into an entrepreneurial family she’s always been around sales and is a passionate believer in value based sales.