From Software Demo to Value-Based Selling


In this webcast, Anne-Marie Feilberg, CEO at Cludo will walk us through the journey of their sales transformation from a transactional and feature-based sales process to a value-based selling approach. 

“I want both Cludo and our employees to be wildly successful. My primary task as CEO is to build the right team, provide them with a landscape of possibilities and drive the success that we create on our way.” Anne-Marie Feilberg

Anne-Marie Feilberg

CEO, Cludo

Anne-Marie Feilberg, CEO of Cludo, possess a strong sales and leadership background. She has over 15 years of experience in driving growth at both large enterprise and scale-up businesses including IBM, Siteimprove and Visma. Her strengths are showcased in creating exceptional teams and capturing market share.

Anne-Marie is passionate about the digital experience with all the potential and possibilities that the space creates for companies, organizations, and users. The intersection of technology and business will continue to define our lives and she wants to ensure that these technologies create value for all stakeholders.